May 18, 2021

Get To Know Me..

By Karina Arrezola-Reyes
Hi everyone!! i just wanted to do a small blog post to introduce myself!
My name is Karina & I am owner of Forth Unit!
If you've ever wondered what Forth Unit means well you'll know now, haha!!
Forth means to move forward & Unit is one ; Move forward as one & of course It also represents my family. 
 I have my children (2), my husband & I ; we are 4 in 1!! 
Forth Unit launched October 9th (my 30th birthday), I had lost my job due to covid  I was home and I honestly took a chance at this !
No business plan whatsoever, I just knew I didn't have anything to loose! 
The best advice I've given myself !
I've grown so much, met so many amazing people through this journey and I can't wait to keep growing and expanding! The thought just blows my mind!
I LOVE WHAT I DO & i hope you all love it too 💕 ✨ 
id like to share this link to my voyagela interview, hope you can check it out :)
Here is another article I had the opportunity to work on !

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