Diamond Eye Necklace

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This delicate heirloom piece features a dainty diamond-cut figaro chain style accentuated by a beautiful 14k diamond evil eye charm. Measuring 18.5 inches long, this necklace is the perfect addition to any outfit for a touch of elegance and protection. 


14KY Yellow Diamond Cut Cable Figaro Chain (1.6mm) 
14KY 13mm 1dia.033ct Diamond Evil Eye Charm


How do I take care of my jewelry?

Take your jewelry off when getting wet, avoid wearing jewelry to sleep or physical activities, store your jewelry in a bag.

Can my jewelry get wet?

Yes, however it is recommended to remove your jewelry when getting wet as it may get ruined with chemicals in water.

What material is my jewelry made of?

We carry 14k solid gold, gold-filled which is solid gold over jewelers brass, gold plated over stainless steel or sterling silver.